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Romantic Free Ecards & Secret Love Letters

We Love Ecards, Romantic Ecards & Secret Love Letters

Romantic free ecards are a fun way to add spice to a burgeoning internet love affair.

Say you’ve met someone you like on a dating site, and you’re gradually edging towards taking your friendship into the so-called “real world”, maybe by exchanging personal emails and telephone numbers. Free romantic ecards can help to bridge the sometimes awkward gap between communicating with someone on a dating site and getting to know the person in real life.

Free romantic greeting cards are fun, easy on the wallet (it doesn't get much easier than free), and come in a huge variety of types: talking ecards, funny ecards, romance ecards, sexy valentine ecards, and sexy letters.

romantic free ecards

Why Use Romantic Free Ecards?

Depending on how much of a flirt you are, sending a lot of “real” Valentine’s Day cards (and romantic greeting cards every other day of the year) can get a bit expensive.

Cue the World Wide Web and its very handy profusion of romantic (free) ecards.

Write your own love letter here! Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and your message will appear on its own webpage on this site.

Please make it a quality submission! Simply writing "i luv u" won't win you any favours with your beloved. And it won't make it past our quality control.

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Everyone loves receiving ecards, romantic messages especially. But you can expand your horizons beyond a love ecard if you’re feeling ambitious, and send a romantic love letter.

There are free romantic love letters available online that allow you to fill in a few blanks, click send, and suddenly you’re giving Lord Byron a run for his money.

A romantic valentine gift doesn’t necessarily have to involve great expense. Just choose the right romantic free ecard and your romantic message will be as effective, and won’t break the bank.

This, of course, depends on what stage your relationship has reached. If you’re still haven't reached the meeting in real life stage and are flirting online, an romantic Christmas ecard is perfectly acceptable.

But if you’ve been dating for six months and have met each others' parents, you’ll probably be wise to choose a romantic valentine or Christmas gift that isn’t “virtual”.

Otherwise you’ll be sending “I’m Really, Really, Really Sorry” ecards.

And you don’t want that.

Do You Have a Secret Crush?

Sometimes sending love ecards is more fun when the recipient doesn’t know who they’re coming from.

Anyone who’s ever sent or received a secret love letter knows there’s a distinct thrill involved, whether you’re the sender or the sendee.

One site we’ve found useful for sending free romance ecards, valentine ecards and the occasional secret love letter, is Passion Up. Their selection ranges from sweet to funny to sexy and everything in between:

Passion Up's Romantic Free Ecards & Love Letters

Send a free Greeting Card

Send a free Secret Love Letter

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I'm Proud to be Yours 
I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me, I wish I could show you but no matter how much I say or do it will never be enough. Do you know how …

I Know That You Still Remember Me 
Darling, remember we met when you where nineteen and I was seventeen? We had to endure some time away from each other while finishing school but got …

Tomorrow Will Come 
My love, Today I'm all alone with the pain of not having you here with me. Lonely, thinking about the next day I can see you, hopping you like …

I'm Alone With the Pain 
My love, Today I'm all alone with the pain of not having you here with me. Lonely, thinking about the next day I can see you, hopping you like …

To My Wife of 30 Years 
You are the love of my life and my best friend. We have been through a lot of experiences together that I will hold forever in the depths of my heart. …

You Don't Realise a Good Thing Until It's Gone 
Dearest Love We've had a rough start, you and I. We met when we were young- too young, really to know what we actually had with each other. We were …

It's Been Eleven Years... 
Dear Elizabeth, It has been about eleven years since we broke up, and a lot has happened to me since. I have been married for the past seven to …

To My Lost Love 
My Dear Lost Love, It has been many years since we parted, and I still miss you every day. I would be lying if I said I didn't think of you often. …

What Could Have Been? 
Dear Love, How are you? It's been a while since I last wrote. Life for me has been difficult, but it seems every passing day, each afternoon I spend …

To My Future Love 
To my (future) true love, I know you're out there someone. I've thought I met you, but I've always been wrong. Sometimes I get discouraged, but I know …

My Heart Forever 
It has been five years since we last saw each other and three since I last heard your voice. I am married and have kids and you have your girlfriend …

To My Husband 
Dear Jeff, Some people asked me why I decided to settle down considering the vast opportunities that surround me. I had thoughts about those "other" …

To The Girl Who Got Away 
Well as I've found in this life there only maybe 4-5 true loves in my life road so there is one that I let get away and to this day I wish i had just listened …

Memories of a Lost Love 
Dear Love, Though I am in a committed relationship now, I will never forget the times I spent with you when I was not with my current partner. …

I'll Never Leave Your Side 
My Love, although, we only met a relatively short time ago, I believe I love you more than I have loved any one in my life. Sometimes, I ask …

Okay, I Love You 
Ok well I love you and that's all I can say. My heart burns for you and that's all. I can feel sometimes I try and reach out for you but you fall right …

I Loved You Long Ago 
My dearest darling, I loved you once so long ago and was too young and immature to realize how very wonderful you were. I enjoyed our time together …

To a Lost Love 
Dear Lost Love, I wasn’t quite good enough for you, even though you were more than good enough for me. You were too tall, lanky with hair that …

Someday I Will Learn 
There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I revel in the torture of memory. A scent, the light of day, a taste - sets it all flooding …

Beauty and the Geek 
Dear Michelle H. Do you remember me? I am sure if you think hard enough you will recall we went to school together. In fact, we spent a summer together …

Home is Where You Are 
Brian, I know I made the biggest mistake ever. That mistake was when I left you two years ago, and moved back home. Home though, is where you are. …

Intelligent, Gentlemanly & Refined 
My love, I am so glad that we met. You are intelligent, gentlemanly, refined, loving and respectful. Even though I am 46 and you are 54, I still get …

Where Have You Been All My Life? 
Dear True Love, So, where have you been all my life? No, seriously. I’ve been waiting for decades and decades for you, and you have yet to make an …

My Heart is Branded By You 
Dear A Even before we first became a couple, my heart fluttered constantly around you and my palms would often turn sweaty whilst a consistent …

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Dear Future Man of My Dreams 
Dear Future, This letter is to my future man of my dreams. I have gone now 40 years with many different types of relationships. I am not sure anymore …

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever 
Dear Babe - Every once and a while I look up and realize the blessing you have been in my life. I think about how far we have come, as a couple, …

It's Been So Many Years 
Dear Barb, It's been so many years! There are so many things I want to say and ask and I have no idea where to begin. I suppose the first thing …

Jumping Off Waterfalls With You 
Dear Tim, Do you remember when we jumped off the water fall? I wasn't going to do it. I hated you for taking me there and expecting me to plummet into …

My Heart Soared 
I knew there was something special about you from the start at our happenstance first meeting. I was a local to the area, walking by, and you were …

Yours Forever and a Day 
My Dearest Love, Five years ago I gave my soul my heart and my life to you without you even knowing it we became merely friends because you and I were …

You Make the Mundane Routine of Life Bearable 
My love, I can't say enough about how much you mean to me. You make my heart feel full. My love for you is deep and intense, and knowing that you feel …

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romantic free ecards

Josie sighed. Flowers are nice and all.
But you can't eat them, can you?

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