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Plus size dating: everyone's into it now, as more and more of us see ourselves as Big Singles (or Beautiful Big Women (and Men), and BBW online dating continues to boom. Plus size means different things to different people. Some fashion designers would probably argue that anyone over a size 8 is way too porky to wear their clothes.
Plus size dating sites grow ever more popular as the population grows. Literally. The average woman is now a size 14 or bigger, so most of us now fit into the Plus Size range.

Which may explain the sudden boom in "Fat Dating". A rather un-PC descriptor for 80% of the population.

Because, luckily for the plus size personals site marketers, there are a lot of us who fall into the "fat dating" category.

According to the fashion industry, plus sizes start at size 14 in the US and Canada (16 in the UK).

The average woman in the USA and Canada is a dress size 14 (size 16 in the UK).

Plus size dating sites don't require that you be a certain size to join, just that you feel comfortable identifying yourself as a Big Single, or admire people who are plus sized.

Is Big Dating for me? If you identify as a BBW or BBM, then go for it.

One very real benefit of Big Dating sites for women is that you can be sure the men who sign up appreciate curves.

Whatever you want to call them: big dating, plus size personals, BBW dating personals, BBW dating service, BBW online dating, BBW dating, or BHM dating, the profusion of plus size dating sites amount to the same thing:

We've signed up for free memberships with the top BBW personals sites we review.

They all claim to be the largest, premier plus sized personals site online. Well, they would wouldn't they!

But these are all well run, good value-for-money sites; otherwise we wouldn't recommend them:

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Plus Size Personals | Fat Dating | The Reviews

1. (formerly

With help from Cupid, dating online is easy! Part of the large dating site network, BigCupid is their BBW online dating site.

Click here for the full BBW Cupid review

2. BBW Personals Plus (formerly More to Love)

BBW Personals Plus is part of the Spark Network of personals sites (which also owns Prime Singles, which we've reviewed under our Senior Dating Site Review section).

This is a plus size dating site with a big over 40 membership, plus loads of features and fun things for members to do online (aside from the obvious, of course!).

Click here for the full BBW Personals Plus review

3. Large Friends

Large Friends is an impressive BBW personals site with lots of over-40 members and all the dating techno toys you could possibly want. They're also refreshingly upfront with their membership subscription prices.

Click here for the full Large Friends review

4. BBPeopleMeet

BBPeopleMeet is a big dating site in more ways than one. It has loads of men over-40 (all admirers of Big Beautiful Women), and nearly a quarter of a million members.

Click here for the full BBPeopleMeet review

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Imogen was kind to kittens and regularly gave to charity.

But she never shared her shoes.

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Not only am I plus sized, but I am shy. So both of these have affected my dating and social life. I do believe that the bigger obstacle is my shyness …

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Well, I am fat and I always get teased for it! I'm all wrinkly and I'm so old and no one wants me :( I haven't been sexually active for about 50 …

I'm a "BHM" 
I've been fat since high school and I will have to accept frankly that being overweight takes away all your confidence. People including your own friends …

Plus Sized AND Six Feet Tall! 
Oh my lord where to begin...not only am I plus sized but I am 6 ft tall as well so it's a double whammy. I joined a few dating sites just to see what …

It's Not an Issue 
I am a big sized girl. I have found that on dating sites guys seem to like me even more because of my size. I think that it helps that I have …

Webcam Trauma 
Being a plus size has its advantages and disadvantages. There are men who cannot date any other size. However the numbers of such men are dwindling. Men …

Plus Sized in New York 
I have been a chubby girl since I was little. Things had not changed upon entering adulthood. I am 5'3" and 210 pounds. In high school, no boy would …

Why I Fly United... 
My most recent "plus size" love experience happened on an airplane recently. I was having my own "Kevin Smith" moment while flying on United Airlines …

Plus Sized Dating in my 50s 
Dating is rough for me as a plus-sized woman. I think it may be tougher for me because at one time I was 150 lbs slimmer and 10 years younger. After …

Pleasantly Surprised 
Let's face it. The world does not embrace plus sized women. Diets and exercise gadgets are rampant. Models starve themselves and even the thinnest women …

Men prefer plus size? What a crock! 
More of us may BE plus size, but that doesn't mean men prefer it! I think it may just be that we'd LIKE them to prefer us bigger girls, but in reality …

Big Girls are Sexy Too 
Big curvy women who know they are fat are a hidden treasure. Big breasts are a turn on at any age. A woman who knows she is sexy has control even …

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