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My Life as a Cougar

by Kismet

Hello boys, it’s Kismet here – are you ready for another installment of my life as a cougar? Okay, so it’s been over two weeks since I’ve heard from “Mr Tall.”

The other day I saw him on my favorite cougar dating site and I sent him a short “hello, saw you online…”, but no response. So was he upset he didn’t get laid on our last date? Well, when we were getting up close and personal I could have sworn I felt the ring part on a condom in his front pocket. Or perhaps, he saw ME on the site and got annoyed. Or maybe he just wanted to experience a date with a cougar, and got it out of his system?

We Cougars are known for preying, but we won’t chase someone who is clearly not interested. Well nonetheless, as the serial dater I am, I continue my hunt for sweet young cubs. Here in California it can rain for a few straight days and then inevitable dry days will follow. I would compare my dating experiences to the weather. I have my “wet” days with lots of activity and have my dry days (spells) where nothing much happens. Either way, I like to look to the future. I have three or four potential dates, starting with Tuesday (he couldn’t wait ’til Friday).

This cub is 24 and I will refer to him as “Safari” as he seems to be seriously on the hunt for a cougar. From what he tells me, Safari is a cougar virgin, and more than ready for a mature woman. I met him on a cougar dating site and after texting we decided it’s time to meet. He is nervous, I am not. But like the good little cougar I am, I will take care of this cub….and make him forget about the age difference in minutes. I’m looking forward to finding our more about this cub, and telling you all about the date.

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